The Future (of skateboarding) NOW!

When i was ten years old i painted Warhammer and tried not to poop my pants. Ten year old Jagger Eaton on the other hand, backflips 55ft gaps on his skateboard.

Seriously, it should be illegal for kids to be this good.

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Scotty Vine Time.

Videos of Scotty Vine have been drifting around the internet for quite a few years now but it was the footage of the young Arbor rider at last years superpark that really made everyone sit up and pay attention. His ludicrous one footed 720 helped the Arbor team unexpectedly take home their first Superpark victory. But even then it was hard not to think of him slightly as a one trick (or foot) pony, now that has all changed. Last week he dropped a full part that not only contains one footed madness only rivalled by Scott Stevens but also a huge bag of super stylish and original rail and kicker tricks.

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This week i am mostly listening to songs about haircuts.

I didn’t mean to, It just happened. I was rooting around the internet trying to snuffle out some new bands when i came across Long Beach band Tijuana Panthers. I figured that any band with a name that great would sound like liquid crap. BUT NO! Not only were they far from crap, they also had a song called ‘Crewcut’ and it made me think how awesome songs about haircuts are. Fast forward 3 days to the weekend, i have forgotten all about Tijuana Panthers and I’m innocently listening to my ipod on shuffle (risky) on the tube when on comes Pavement’s ‘Cut your hair’, what are those odds huh?! (they must be like 7:1 or something).

Anyway the end result was i made a list of my top 5 favourite songs about haircuts for all to enjoy:

Pavement – ‘Get a Haircut’

Tijuana Panthers – ‘Crewcut’

Jim White – ‘Combing my hair in a brand new style’

George Thorogood – ‘Get a Haircut’

I wasn’t gonna put this up because it’s a little abstract but it seems apt to end on it:

Morissey – ‘Hairdresser on Fire’

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All your Death wishes come true: 3 Pretty Sweet videos to Bake and Destroy.

Three hugely awaited skate vids are dropping before the end of this year and i for one am beading with anticipation. The winter isn’t going to be all bad after all. Peep the epic trailer for ‘Pretty Sweet’ and the grimey as hell Deathwish trailer. The stoned boys over at Baker didn’t make a trailer so here is a rad interview with chief filmer/hype man Beagle which is WELL worth a watch.

‘Pretty Sweet’ – Girl and Chocolate Skateboards.

‘The Deathwish Video’ – Deathwish.

‘Bake and Destroy’ – Baker.


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Lazy BOnes & VideOs.

It’s been over 2 months since i last posted, what a jerk huh? My excuse? In those 2 months i have rolled my wheels on the grimey sidewalks of Brooklyn, felt Lake Michigan’s warm waves on my man parts, and got bitten by a spider at Secret Garden Party. In other words there were better things to do than typy typy type this summer.

But during these fun sesame bun times i have seen a bunch of cold pizza delicious video clips i wanted to write about. I’m feeling lazy, so i won’t write about them but i will post them all up so you can see a whole bunch of radical videos in one place without having to read! Awesome right?

This summer:

Riff Raff became my favourite rapper and person ever.

Nike and Levi’s collaborated to make skateboard jeans and more importantly one of the best filmed and soundtracked skateboard adverts ever featuring the inimitable Omar Salazar.

My two favourite skateboard companies both released videos:

The arty (Polar).

& the Party (Roger).

That’s enough radness for now, not so long til next time.

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Go Skateboarding Day special: My top 5 most influential skate video parts of all time.

Today is Global Skateboarding Day, a day to go out and get some! My plans for a 6am shred before work were scuppered by the London rain but i still managed to get down to the XC indoor skatepark before work for a quick shred and even film a couple of tricks for a For Boarders By Boarders (FBBB) Go Skateboarding Day edit.

In honour of this most important of days i thought i would share my top five most influential skateboard video parts. It’s impossible to decide on these and they constantly change but there is no doubt the 5 i have picked today are classics and if you needed any extra inspiration to get out that door and on your shred, these will definitely do it!

1. John Cardiel – Transworld, Sight Unseen (2001)

This one was always going to be in there. John Cardiel to me is hands down the most inspiring skateboarder ever, 100% passion for skateboarding and 100% positive vibes. Even when he was told he would never walk again he kept the fire. Love you John.

2. Ronnie Creager – Blind/World/101, Trilogy (1996)

This is the first skateboard video i ever saw and probably still my favourite of all time. In a video that featured Daewon Song, Kareem Cambell, Jason Dill and Gino Ianucci (just to name a few) it’s amazing how much this part stands out. To think we are 16 years on and Ronnie is still a fully legit pro is astounding. Eurythmics and Jimmy Cliff soundtrack really seals the deal.

3. Andrew Reynolds – Emerica, Stay Gold, B-side (2011)

The Boss  is another guy who has been on top for nearly 20 years. He arguably had the best part of 2011 aswell as winning the Maloof Money Cup (Creager came second). To see him still blowing minds in his mid thirties is insane. This B-side of his part is a little long but really shows the insanity in all it’s glory, if your impatient just skip right to the last 2 minutes.

4. Eric Koston – eS, Menikmati (2002)

No list would be complete without Frost, this video really shows him at the height of his powers and his pro shoes were the ones every kid wanted. Koston was always pushing street progression and this part is no exception.

5. Jerry Hsu and Louis Barletta – Osiris, Subject to Change (2003)

This part is a bit of an underdog, definitely not the best footage of Jerry and Louis but the perfect part to show just how much fun skateboarding is. I remember seeing this part at the premier and being blown away, i still get a huge kick out of watching this part every time and it still makes me want to get out there and shred.

Happy Skateboarding Day!

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VHS nostalgia, MP3’s and The Black Lips.

When i was 13 i watched the Ed Templeton section of the skateboard video ‘Welcome to Hell’ so many times that it just wore right out. There is something so rad about that, and it got me thinking if MP3’s were like that what songs would i have worn out on my ipod? There is some sure fire ones – Cemetery Gates by The Smiths, Coma Cat by Tensnake, Hustlin’ by Rick Ross, Young Turks by Rod Stewart…the list would be massive. But also what if, as some of the songs started wearing thin and getting more fuzzy they sounded better? All those sophmore albums that big record labels got hold of and over produced? Maybe you could leave them on loop over night and by morning they would be all scuzzy just the way you used to like them….

Enough Rambling. One Group that would be almost entirely eradicated from my ipod from heavy rotation would be the Black Lips, luckily though i just downloaded the entirety of Nobunny’s back catalog which works as a killer substitute. Enjoy:

Also for those interested here is Ed Templeton’s part in Toy Machine’s legendary ‘Welcome to Hell’ which my skateboard OCD 13 year old self deleted by overwatching. It features Sonic Youth’s – ‘Titanium Expos’, every single one of Ed’s parts featured Sonic Youth.

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